Coronavirus Update

Our priority is always the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, clients and customers, we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that we reduce the risk of exposure to infection.

Our employees are carrying out essential roles in our communities have been following government guidance on safe working practices since lockdown commenced. To support this work, we have developed a four-tier system for assessing risk in relation to COVID-19 which sits alongside our existing policies and procedures as our continuous commitment to providing safe health safety at work practices.

  1. A site specific risk assessment for COVID19 (in addition to usual safe working procedures and service risk assessments) which all staff complete and implement further specific controls as required to keep staff safe.
  2. An individual risk assessment for employees with underlying health conditions or additional risk factors.
  3. A dynamic risk assessment will be carried out by the employee on reaching their place of work to ensure it is safe for them to continue with the task they need to complete.
  4. A set of general guidance and suggested control measures across a range of settings where work is taking place – on site, with the head office businesses, or in open spaces. This general guidance will be available to staff.

Employee health

As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information, we are taking additional measures to ensure that we safeguard the health of our colleagues and that we preserve our ability to operate effectively. We are adhering strictly to national and WHO guidelines regarding exposure, quarantine and reporting, and we are in communication with colleagues to ensure that they are informed and supported.

  • Maintain two metre social distancing where possible. All employees have been advised to maintain a two-metre distance from colleagues and members of the public and are regularly reminded to do so.
  • Where people cannot be two-metres apart, manage transmission risk. In these cases, adjustments are made to working practices and procedures and where appropriate extra PPE has been issued to colleagues to minimise the potential risk of transmission.
  • Reinforce cleaning processes. We have instructed employees to clean hard surfaces they come into contact with during their day to day work (whether this be in vehicles or on site), to reduce the sharing of equipment (where practicable) and also provided instructions as to what is required in terms of decontamination in the event that a co-worker develops symptoms of COVID-19.

Handwashing as a method of minimising transmission has been reinforced with all colleagues through the Managing Directors regular updates to employees. Employees refusing to work on the grounds of health & safety will be supported. Any reports of unsafe working will be investigated and appropriate remedial action taken.

General travel

Vehicles are a vital part of our business. The latest Government Guidance provides a range of practical advice which enables us to deliver our key duties whilst minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. Multiple occupancy in vehicles should be avoided where reasonably practicable. Where this cannot be achieved, occupants should be spaced as far apart as the vehicle allows. We are monitoring travel guidelines issued by national health agencies in the territories in which we operate, and we have implemented company-wide travel restrictions for those countries and regions that are considered high risk. Our position on general travel is that non-essential travel is not permitted until further notice. We will review travel requests on a case-by-case basis.

Meetings and site visits

Our colleagues routinely visit customers, suppliers and other clients for meetings and to provide training and presentations. We understand the need to continue with these interactions, however, so we will continue to meet in person as required, but we will take all necessary precautions and follow all appropriate risk mitigation protocols. We are also able to conduct meetings virtually, either via telephone or using video conferencing
platforms etc.


The company is also committed to maintaining membership of the CIRAS Confidential Reporting System. As part of this membership the company will ensure all its personnel are made aware of the Reporting System process.

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