Swimming Pool Leak

kings leisure centre
kings pool closure

The Kings Leisure Centre in East Grinstead had to close its swimming pool this month due to a problem with the drainage. They were losing 35000 litres of water from a sealed system. Naturally this was causing a great deal of inconvenience and disruption to its swimmers and regular users of the leisure centre and the thought of having to dig up the pipes was a great cause for concern, as this would mean months of closures and high costs.

Drainline To The Rescue

We were called in to investigate. Our in-house drainage experts were able to make a small excavation to reveal the outside pipe in the car park and located the source of the problem, which was a small crack in the drainage pipe.

Our cost effective solution was to reline the pipe. We also suggested putting a chamber into the system, allowing them access to the pipework in the future.

We were able to successfully carryout the prescribed work with a quick turnaround, enabling the pool to be reopened shortly after we were called in.