The extra-long reach and powerful suction of our new JHL 414 Super RECycler clears and cleans sewers, pumping stations and hard to reach drains in record time.

Super recycler in construction

Our new JHL 414 Super RECycler has powerful liquid ring suction system which allows the removal of silt from depths of 70m plus and distances of 500m plus from the vehicle which gives it the ability to clear and cleans sewers, pumping stations and hard to reach drains and culverts in record time.

The vehicle can be operated by a bespoke remote control Unit from up to 250m away if necessary

It is also complete with a CCTV unit to assist with works requiring constant monitoring.

Tackling the growing problem of “fatbergs”

“The increase in “fatbergs” is becoming a major problem, especially in heavily-populated areas like London and other major cities, “It’s a great addition to our fleet of vehicles and will help us to tackle “fatbergs” quickly and efficiently,

Says Wayne Holdaway, Commercial Director at Drainline.

The new Drainline Super RECycler is perfect for deep lift applications in hard to reach areas and its water-recycling capabilities means it’s also environmentally-friendly.

Thanks to its powerful reach, the Super Recycler is ideal for removing waste from ships and ferries up to 500m.

It’s also perfect for hard to reach areas like culverts, areas across fields and rails tracks due to the exceptional suction of our newest vehicle.

The state-of-the art Super RECycler truck has a liquid ring unit with unprecedented vacuum and high-volume capacity, and is one of only four currently in operation across Europe.

Waste water collected by the truck is recycled and can be used immediately for jetting reducing the time spent on site.

The environmental impact of re-using waste water is obvious and less travel time with fewer vehicles on the road is an added benefit.

Drainline Super recycler in construction

The Rest of our Fleet

The JHL Super Recycler joins the two new JHL Combination units we purchased last year and complements our existing fleet of combination units and recyclers – two of which are also deep lift high volume units.

For commercial clients in the Rail, Construction, Utilities, Highways and MOD field, the benefits of this vehicle are clearly measurable.

Please contact us for more information on this unit or any other queries.

JHL Super Recycler 414

  • 14 meter tank on a 8 Wheeled Chassis

Jetting capability’s

  • Uraca jetting pump jetting at 400 litres per minute at 170 bar (0r 110 gallons)
  • 1 large jetting hose 150 meters of 1 ¼ inch
  • 1 small hose 110 meters of ¾ inch followed by 50 meters of 1\2 inch


  • CVS liquid ring water cooled vacuum pump
  • This pump runs the 6 inch suction on the rear cassette
  • It will suck to a depth of 50-70 meters straight down and over 400 meters across land depending on the fall of the pipe and weather it is liquids or solids.
  • Injector system that allows you to connect a breather pipe to the snorkel for deep suction very good in wet wells and pumping stations.


  • The super recycler uses a Vogelsang recycling pump which is a double rotary system
  • The pump runs at 3 bar and its almost silent during operation
  • The recycling pump will recycle water from over 200 meters away from the unit in conjunction with the vac system

Over pumping

  • The vogelsang pumps allows to over pumping without taking water into the rear tank as you would normally have to do on a standard recycler.
  • It can move a tremendous amount of water and it can over pump 500 meters away from the unit depending on liquid and solids