Downpipe Relining for prestigious RICS building in Westminster

Drainline were recently employed to remediate leaking rainwater downpipes serving the prestigious and very famous RICS building in Westminster.

The downpipes were surveyed and observed to be leaking from various open joints and defects resulting in risk of damp and damage to the building façade.

Drainline successfully installed specialist structural full length liners from the roof level hoppers to the basement level outlets ensuring future serviceability and water tightness of the downpipes, this method of remediation was selected due to its avoidance of disruption, speed of installation and preservation of the existing external rainwater downpipes.

Drainline are specialists in relining existing pipework above or below ground, contact us if you have defective pipework, difficult to access downpipes or downpipes of architectural interest.

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The reason for this repair work was due to damp showing through on the inside of the building. If you suspect a simular fault or issue at your property or place of work contact us and we will carry out a full inspection to help you to better understand the underlying issues and the root cause.

As you can see with this project we are vastly experienced and able to carry out repair work on all types of buildings and projects.

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